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Property Related Services

At TRC Property we understand that managing an overseas property is not easy and to help you  with it, we have other property related services such as handyman, will drafting, inspection of new property and renovation services.

Inspection Service

Inspection of newly completed property for construction defects and subsequent inspection after developer’s team had rectify such defects. Providing full defects report to owners with photographs after each inspection.

Repairing & Handy man service

provides repairing due to wear and tear or damages, plumber work, electrical solution, paintings, flooring and all other repairs.


Liaising with renovator for design, material and oversee the whole renovation process, as to ensure all work is done and to conduct quality check after renovation is completed. Provide timely report to the owners.

Thai Will

Having a Thai will to better protect your love ones and making it an easy proceed for them to make legal claim to your property when the need arise. Our legal team will be here to assist you through the process.

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