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TRC Property Management Services

What services does TRC property management provide?

For new property owners, you can engage TRC to inspect, oversee renovation, furnish and shop for you!

Inspect your new condominium for or with you,

This should be done before your final payment & transfer of ownership.

Oversee the renovation for your unit,

Be physically present on site to oversee and make sure renovation work is progressing smoothly, communicate with ID and contractor on your behalf and provide timely updates to you.

Assist you to open a Thai Bank account,

The bank account holder must be physically present.

Furnished your unit,

Assist to purchase furniture, electrical appliances and decoration items, to furnish your unit.
For owners of existing property, TRC will manage your property on your behalf!

The Benefits of engaging TRC Property Management

Fewer chances for a problems tenant

With more than a decade of experience in the Real Estate industry, we will screen prospective tenants for you. We know how to spot red flags associated with problem tenants.

Decreased Tenant Turnover

It starts off with finding the right tenant and when these tenants experience a problem-free, well-managed living experience, they are more likely to extend their lease and become long-time, income-generating tenants,

Timely Rent Payment

With proper lease policies and consistent rent reminders, you will receive your rent on time every month.

Maintain Property Condition

With problem-free, long-term tenants and timely maintenance, your property will maintain its condition most efficiently, decreasing the cost of future repairs/replacement which will help improve your ROI in the long term.

Property Management Package

Under the Property Management Packages, the following services are provided

• Advertise your property for lease

• Conduct viewings with prospective tenants and agents

• Carry out tenant screening and negotiation

• Collect and bank in rental security deposits

• Prepare detailed property photo inventory

• Prepare Rental Lease Agreement

• Arrange cleaning and air-con servicing services for your property

• Prepare and collate keys, key cards, car park stickers/transponder

• Handover your property to the tenant

• Follow up with tenant on resolving any issues that may arise

• Monitor prompt monthly rental payment

• Inspect your property when the tenant moves out

• Prepare a moving out agreement with the tenant on repairs required

• Arrange for any maintenance and repair, if required

• Pay water bill while the property is vacant

• Pay electrical bill while the property is vacant

• Conduct monthly inspection of the property while the property is vacant

• Update owner with a quarterly statement of the cost incurred if any

“Shawn and his team is highly professional. Their service is invaluable for overseas owner like myself. I am very grateful for their help especially during the COVID period where they have gone the extra miles to help me with repair, renovation and finding tenants. I highly recommended their service."

Chua Khoon Tien, Singapore


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